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With the goal of "Reforming the management apparatus, raise the level of awareness, and intellectual capacity, increase the staff's dedication strength, stability and bring the company to continue sustainable development". Therefore, recruitment, training and human resource development Quang Binh Imexco special attention based on the quality, capability and capacity for each individual has the opportunity to devote energy and talent themselves. Quang Binh Imexco have spacious office equipment and full amenities, and healthy working environment, respect for the individual, promote teamwork and creativity. Based on the results of operations and evaluate results according to KPI - indicators of job performance of each group or individual for the payment of wages and bonuses. Another five employees are entitled to a minimum of 13 months' salary, in addition, are entitled to a wage level of productivity and get the job done; reward units and individuals representing the quarterly and year, bonus initiatives; award in the holidays of national and Quang Binh anniversary Imexco. Company employees are social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance full; regularly organized unions operating activities in order to create a cheerful, friendly group. Organizing trips, domestic and foreign travel, uniforms for staff. Quang Binh Imexco special attention to the social relief work and charity, thereby building the spirit of solidarity, mutual assistance in Quang Binh's staff Imexco together with the community and society.